______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Rad Records Wiki

Don't let the name get to you, it's sounds stupid but we are a serious Wiki. In a nutshell, we review music and keep you updated on new music releases. But you can also go on the blog and chat about a new record you bought, or maybe one you are looking forward to getting. We have rules, every Wiki has them.

Please read them here.
Other than that, have fun and good luck! - ThatCatIsCool (Head of Wiki)

More Information

We may be a music Wiki, but we mainly focus on vinyls. That's why we're called Rad Records. But since we focus on vinyl, that means we don't care about your new One Direction CD, or your Beatles remastered Mp3 collection on your phone. You can talk about that stuff anywhere but here. We believe that vinyl is the best format of music. It's not that they sound different, it's the artistic value of a vinyl that makes them special. Maybe it's the beautiful 12 inch album art, or perhaps it's the warm, comforting sound. Whatever it is, vinyl is truly an experience.

Latest activity

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